Winter Interlude

Winter Interlude is a two-day retreat in January which focuses on helping  women of all ages unwind after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. What better place than Camp Mitchell to relax and enjoy the magnificence of God’s beauty and love?

Time for JOY

time-for-joyTime for JOY is a weekend retreat designed for young women living stress-filled lives, be they single, married, divorced, working in the home or outside the home. The purpose of the retreat is to provide experiences which affirm and encourage young women in their spiritual journey. Through the introduction of simple soul-tending skills the person is reconnected with her spirituality. For some young women, honoring their body’s need for rest is an important component of their spiritual journey. The retreat provides space for that also by allowing the retreatants to choose to participate in active learning sessions or to opt for undisturbed sleep, quiet places to sit, and silent walks.

Women’s Institute: Summer Quest

Women’s Institute: Summer Quest is an annual three-day retreat held the first full weekend of June at Camp Mitchell atop Petit Jean Mountain, located near Morrilton, Arkansas. Women of all ages come together, bringing diverse experiences and representing different parishes and missions.

Beginning on Friday with a personal spiritual growth day known as Quiet Day, Women’s Institute: Summer Quest also features a noteworthy speaker, workshops, time to rest, and lots of love and laughter.

The retreat is a strong tradition of the church women of the diocese and continues to draw women together, year after year, for personal experiences of the Divine, friendship and fun.

Fall Gathering

Our statewide annual meeting, fun and fellowship. Hosted by churches around the diocese or Camp Mitchell.